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Shocked Into Reality: The Secret to Creating Balance in an Uncontrollable Life

A Riveting & Awe-Inspiring Book

When a surgeon goes into the operating room, one would never consider that the surgeon might not be the one to come out alive. Dr. Allen was shocked into reality when he barely escaped electrocution while saving a patient’s life.

Little did he know this pivotal moment would be the beginning of his transformative journey of self-discovery. This was a path that provided answers to the questions most people spend an entire lifetime asking: “Is that it? Is that what life is all about?”

Seldom do we connect with a person who actually tells us: here are my shattered pieces and here’s how I put them back together to find peace and wholeness.

We never know what is in store for us at any given moment. When faced with life’s adversities, many people never fulfill their dreams because they are paralyzed by fear of the unknown or hanging onto their past. Dr. Allen learned to face his fears head-on and embrace them, empowering him to achieve levels of awareness he never knew existed.

Travel the magnetic journey with Dr. Allen as he shows you the path to accept and overcome life’s challenges, whether they are financial, emotional or physical. Shocked into Reality provides you with the insights to create a more empowered life.


Answer Cancer: Miraculous Healings Explained (The Healing of a Nation)

Is it possible that cancer and most chronic illnesses are actually produced by the mind? And if so, can the mind be used not just to heal such ills, but to prevent them in the first place? Stephen Parkhill, a noted hypnotherapist, answers these questions and many others. Filled with fascinating case studies from Steve’s professional history, this book gives positive proof that the cure for many debilitating diseases exists within the mind of each and every one of us.