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Has your business or your job been beating you down? Have you lost the passion and drive you first had when you started your career? Is stress destroying your relationships with your loved ones and colleagues?

Dr. Allen has been there, and he knows what you are going through right now. After building a successful surgical career, in a split second, he lost everything when he was electrocuted in the operating room. His identity was completely shattered, but this didn’t stop him. Whatever challenges you are experiencing shouldn’t stop you either from achieving the life you deserve. READ BIO

As we all know, professional athletes, movie stars, business managers, CEOs, and world political leaders use coaches because they pinpoint the limitations that are holding them back from achieving the success that they seek. However, permanent change can only occur if positive suggestions are accepted at a subconscious level. No matter how long it has been since you lost your passion, you can reignite the burning desire that made you choose your career in the first place, or come to terms it’s time to make a change. Get to root cause of your frustrations and finally resolve it.

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Common Issues That May Be Corrected Or Managed More Effectively Include:

Stress-Related Chronic Illness, Unresolved Adult and Childhood Loss and Trauma, Anxiety, Fear/Phobias, Emotional Stability, Poor Self-Esteem/Self Confidence, Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt, Prolonged Grieving, Smoking Cessation, Various Nervous Habits, Nail Biting, Stuttering, Weight Management, Pain Management, Health/Wellness, Life Management, Career and Sports Performance