Keynote Speaker and Author Emile Allen, M.D.

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Powerful Leadership Keynotes

  • Identify and Conquer Fear Blocks
    • Develop Internal Innovation and Inspire Workplace Success for Your Staff
    • Identify Your ‘Tigers’ (Fears), Overcome Fear and Remove Habits of Procrastination
    • Redirect the Primal Instincts that Keep You and the People You Lead Stuck
  • Put Compassion into Leadership
    • Understand and Reframe a Setback to Empower Those You Lead
    • Re-Invent the Lost Art of Bedside Manners and Apply it to Your Business
    • Gain Insights to Make You a Better Leader Both Professionally and Personally
  • Transform After a Life Crisis
    • Redesign Your Identity After a Business or Personal Life Crisis
    • Decrease Mental Stress by Identifying and Dealing with the Root Cause
    • Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Negative Mind Looping that Affect Your Bottom Line

Compelling and Interactive Full-Day Leadership Workshop

  • Ignite Your Inner Brilliance
    • Identify and Overcome Fear that Might be Holding You Back
    • Sharpen Your Intuition to Become a Better Leader
    • Develop Clarity of Purpose to Improve Decision Making
    • Connect on a Deeper Level with Your Employees to Achieve Higher Productivity
    • Create a Map that Guides You to Success in Your Professional and Personal Lives