TEDx Speaker - Advanced Medical Hypnosis Training – Author

Subject Matter Expert in Interpersonal Communications & Practice Management Strategies


Are you overwhelmed by stress and illness? Have you lost your self-esteem and self-confidence? Is it affecting your personal or professional life? Dr. Allen will help you get to root cause of your struggles with the same determination and voracity he demonstrated assisting the survivors traumatized by Typhoon that hit the Philippines in November 2013. If you are going through a crisis, struggling with the rollercoaster of life, or need some guidance navigating through the healthcare system, Dr. Allen can assist you.

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Common Issues That May Be Corrected Or Managed More Effectively Include:

Stress-Related Chronic Illness, Unresolved Adult and Childhood Loss and Trauma, Anxiety, Fear/Phobias, Emotional Stability, Poor Self-Esteem/Self Confidence, Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt, Prolonged Grieving, Smoking Cessation, Various Nervous Habits, Nail Biting, Stuttering, Weight Management, Pain Management, Health/Wellness, Life Management, Career and Sports Performance