Powerful Leadership Keynotes

1.    The Power of Compassionate Leadership

Take your organization to the next level with the powerful art of compassionate listening. Patients will trust their surgeon with their life based on this alone. In this powerful keynote, Change Management Expert Dr. Emile Allen brings the qualities required of a trusted surgeon to your leadership team. He shares the importance of incorporating compassion throughout your organization so that trust is created vertically and horizontally. Through his insightful and riveting stories, Dr. Allen illustrates how this is an enormous motivator for your staff, resulting in increased productivity and employee retention.

  • Apply the compassionate bedside manner of a surgeon to your organization for stronger leadership.
  • Incorporate the integrity of the Oath of Hippocrates and build trust with your employees.
  • Set up your employees to succeed for greater productivity and efficiency.

2.    Think Like a Surgeon

Step up your organization’s crisis management expertise by developing the potential leadership in your employees. Change Management Expert Dr. Emile Allen illustrates how the life-saving protocols and actions of an operating room team translate to more efficiency and effectiveness in your organization. Dr. Allen provides the tools, techniques and insights that will ignite the decisive and confident leader in each of your team members.

  • Apply hospital crisis management and triage skills to your organization for greater proficiency.
  • Identify the skill sets of others and empower them to lead for increased effectiveness.
  • Learn how to activate leadership when a crisis occurs for more efficient problem solving.

3.    A Prescription for Success

Heighten the creativity and productivity of your employees by incorporating the training principles of a successful surgeon. Gain mastery over procrastination and stagnation, as he did after his accident. Change Management Expert Dr. Emile Allen will get your employees focused with a surgeon’s confident and decisive mindset to activate their innate ability to succeed.

  • Identify and overcome the fears that block success to stimulate creativity and efficiency.
  • Increase accountability in the workplace for greater productivity.
  • Learn to focus with confidence and decisiveness for stronger leadership skills.

If you would like a customized presentation, Dr. Allen will adapt his speech or create a workshop for the specific needs of your organization.